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Results get scored

Once completed the data will be sent and scored by our Al powered software.

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The moment of Truth. You will receive the results by email in about two hours.

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Our technology has

3 US Patents

Used by police and military

Accurate results in minutes

Uses AI to improve test quality and scoring.

no wires. no blood pressure cuffs. no traditional polygraph.

80-92% accurate.
Access everything conveniently on your phone.

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“I wasn’t sure if my wife was messing around on me so I had her do a phone infidelity test and now I know she is faithful.”

Malik B.

“My wife had been acting weird lately, and I could not sleep. So I sent her a phone infidelity test. I now know. What a relief finding out the truth.”

Jim T.

“I wasn’t sure if my husband was messing around on me so I had him do a phone infidelity test and now I know he is faithful. We could not be happier now. Thanks to the people that made this online lie detector test available to the public. It saved my marriage!”

Esther A.



Yes. This is modern truth verification technology that we have specifically tailored for infidelity testing. The test will ask whether they have had any intimate sexual contact with anyone else. It is conducted completely through a smartphone app and scored by a computer using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

This state-of-the art technology has garnered 2 patents, has run over 500,000 tests, been in use for over 20 years, and is scientifically validated by 11 peer reviewed articles. It is being used by Police, Governments and Military around the world to detect lies.
Phone Infidelity Test uses technology created by the inventors of the computerized polygraph (lie detector with wires and sensors). They have spent 20 years researching and developing a new, eye-based technology that we use in our solution, Phone Lie Detector. Simply put, when a person lies, their pupils quickly dilate. Now that smartphones have evolved, this technology can be used to effectively monitor and score lie detection tests using a secure cloud server and artificial intelligence. No human examiner is now needed to get accurate (80% validated by the scientists) assessments of whether someone is telling the truth. Try the ocular test for yourself.

No.  Unlike the old school polygraph, this modern technology is much easier to use.  The test is specifically written to see if your partner has been faithful to you and is conducted on a smartphone in about 15 minutes.  No wires, blood pressure cuffs, etc.  Just look at the phone and answer some questions.  Simple.

No.  The information from the test is scored completely by a computer using AI (Artificial Intelligence).  There is no human intuition or gut feel factors in scoring the results. 

Yes we do.  We can ask 2 or 3 questions of your choosing as long as they are based on historical fact, like Did you have sex with XXX after DDD date?  We can not ask questions like, Do you still love your wife? as this is subjective.  To request a custom test please send an email to with the questions you would like to ask.  Once we notify you that your request is accepted we will author your test and send you a link a few days later (usually within 5 business days).  Once the link is ready we will ask you to make payment.  Due to the amount of labour required, a custom test is $250 USD.  Once we receive payment we will send you the link for you to share with whomever is going to take the test.  Results will automatically be sent to you within an hour of the test being run.

Compared to others, this modern truth verification test is fast, accurate, inexpensive, easy to use, flexible, completely automated, scientifically validated and most importantly specifically tailored for infidelity testing. Tests are conducted on a smartphone and scored completely by computer using AI. It is just better.

We have optimized the whole process specifically for infidelity testing.  From the time the test is taken until you get the results, it is fully automated.  This reduces our cost and we pass that savings on to you.

No. You just need to be in a committed relationship.

After successful completion of the test the data is uploaded from the phone to a computer (need good internet access) and results are sent to the person requesting the test in about two hours.

The test can be taken in either English and very soon in French.  Please make sure your phone language is set to the language chosen for the test.  Other languages, including Spanish are coming soon.  Want to be notified when Spanish is available, sign up for our mailing list and you can also follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Data is encrypted and sent to a scoring server in a secure facility in North America.  Results are sent directly to your email or text.  For more information, please feel free to check out our Terms and Conditions.

No.  Your answers to questions and test results are kept strictly confidential. 

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