Is your partner faithful to you?

Want to find out?

You can finally get the truth about your partner’s infidelity

At Phone Infidelity Test, we want to help you improve your relationship.  Trust is the cornerstone of your commitment to each other. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) you can now discover the truth about whether your partner is faithful to you using a fast, easy, dependable, inexpensive, custom tailored truth verification test. You can also just as easily prove to your partner that you are faithful to them. We also do Custom Tests… just scroll down to contact us or order your Truth Test.

State-of-the-art technology is:

Optimized for Infidelity

Obtain accurate results for your unique situation

Over 500,000 Tests Performed

Used by police, military and government worldwide

Not Expensive

No Hidden Fees and No Confusing Costs

Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN

Fast, Easy, Dependable

Custom Tailored

Premium tests tailored to your relationship

Relationships Thrive on Trust

Our dependable infidelity test results will provide you with the truth you need to move forward. Let us be a part of your journey toward a healthier relationship! Click on the button below to discover your truth.

Easy and Reliable

With our state-of-the-art technology, there’s no need for the sensors and blood pressure cuffs used in traditional lie detector tests. It’s also computer-scored to minimize human bias. Click on the button to discover how our infidelity tests conducted using a smartphone will revolutionize the way couples find out the truth.

Get to know the truth in 4 simple steps

Sign up using our wizard.  It’s quick and easy.
Your partner gets a link by email or text to download the app. Then the app guides them through the test. They just look at their phone’s camera when answering some questions.
Once completed the data will be sent and scored by our AI powered (Artificial Intelligence) server.  It is ideal to have good internet to submit the data as it will get you the results faster.
The moment of Truth.  You will receive the results by email in about two hours (depending on internet speed). Your credit card will not be charged until we send you the results.

It’s that easy!

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How Does it work?

Phone Infidelity Test uses technology created by the inventors of the computerized polygraph (lie detector with wires and sensors). They have spent 20 years researching and developing a new, eye-based technology that we use in our solution, Phone Lie Detector. Simply put, when a person lies, their pupils quickly dilate. Now that smartphones have evolved, this technology can be used to effectively monitor and score lie detection tests using a secure cloud server and artificial intelligence. No human examiner is now needed to get accurate (80% validated by the scientists) assessments of whether someone is telling the truth. Try the ocular test for yourself.


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